President of the ECHR Robert Spano meets with the presidents of the highest courts of Finland

President of the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Robert Spano, together with his party, visits the Supreme Court on 5 May 2022. During his visit, Mr. Spano will meet with the president of the Supreme Court Mr. Tatu Leppänen and the president of the Supreme Administrative Court Mr. Kari Kuusiniemi.

The presidents will discuss, among other things, questions concerning the rule of law in Europe, as well as the cooperation between the ECHR and the highest courts of Finland and its further development. Presidents Leppänen and Kuusiniemi will also announce the willingness of the highest courts of Finland to join the network of superior courts of the member states of the Council of Europe (Superior Courts Network ), maintained by the ECHR.

The network enriches dialogue and cooperation in judicial matters concerning the interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights between members of the network.

During his visit, Mr. Spano will also meet with Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Pekka Haavisto and Minister of Justice Ms. Anna-Maja Henriksson, as well as with representatives of the National Courts Administration. Mr. Spano’s visit is hosted by the Finnish foreign ministry.

Contact details:
Supreme Court, phone: 02956 40052, 02956 40060, email: viestinta.kko(at)
Supreme Administrative Court, phone: 02956 40259, email: kho.viestinta(at)

Published 5.5.2022